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Swimming Pool Crack Repair - California's Gunite

It is an unfortunate fact that swimming pools crack. Often it is obvious why a pool is cracked... it could be poorly compacted soil, improper reinforcing steel installation or design, improperly installed gunite or one of a combination of many other factors. We know as well that once a pool cracks and begins to leak several events conspire to make the crack worse over time. The cement in the pool shell is weakened and the steel often rusts and can even completely disappear. We do not believe that epoxy, staples or a thin fiberglass coating can repair a crack successfully. We have the experience and expertise to repair cracks and restore the pool to full strength.

At California's Gunite & Pool Plastering our approach to swimming pool crack repair is to investigate the problem by opening the crack to investigate the steel, and remove the damaged gunite or concrete shell. We install new steel as appropriate and apply new gunite in the cracked area. Often we will thicken the area that was cracked or build a bench in the area of the crack to reinforce and "beef-up" the area. This method is of course more difficult and expensive than others but we find the success unmatched.

If your pool is cracked and you want it repaired as part of a replaster please complete the application on our Contact Us page for more information.

Swimming Pool Crack Repair (6 Stages from beginning to end) click for larger image
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